This semester I have to say, I like all my classes. I am taking four classes altogether and three of them are related to my interests which is psychology. Two classes are extremely easy for me which does not mean that I feel bored, not challenged or stimulated in my educational goals. Precisely because I don’t feel stressed, I can read additional materials, participate in class, have discussion with the Professors and enjoy the topics. The experience of class is in my view always determined by the teacher. Any topic can be as interesting or as boring as presented by the teacher although I understand that a class full of dull students can present a challenge to the teacher. In addition I don’t believe that we need a lot of stress to learn. Tests and writing essays is stressful enough to provide for healthy motivation. I admire teachers who can keep the healthy balance between quality learning and positive atmosphere. I am lucky in this semester to have met teachers just like that.

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