It can’t be stressed enough that going to college, especially going away from home, is a huge step towards responsibility for self. How one will handle it, how one is able to handle his/her own affairs is crucial to success or failure in higher education.



The part of that kind of videos that many don’t know about is that many of those young students featuring here are tremendously smart, ambitious and dedicated to their scholar duties and will one day become highly successful professionals in their fields. They just need some fun in between of hard work hence videos like that…


Great video, putting the “rich without college” cliché into perspective. Yes, if you have a strong urge to pursue other idea, if you have a plan and desire to pursue it, yes, do it and you can always go back to college as a hobby once you have couple of million of dollars in your bank account. The main question whenever you contemplating quitting college or a job, is: what is my alternative! Huge question requiring a very serious response.


Very interesting point. I have had take-home exams that I was looking for answers online for and this have not crossed my mind to consider cheating. I have learned the same way only saved some precious time. I think the teachers, mostly young people, are aware of the internet source being out there for use.  I think, the undergraduate program is to get fundaments of knowledge and internet is a source as good as any other for that. The graduate program will require extensive research as much as critical thinking and that cannot be provided by internet unless in plagiarism.



Making comparison between American system in higher education and in other countries is a huge topic. I don’t think that there are two countries in which the higher education culture would be exactly the same. I see a lot of differences between American and Polish systems. For example, the public Universities in Poland are free but you can enter until the 26th year of age. Above that age, the government doesn’t want to invest any longer in the individual I guess. The options for people older then 26, are some evening and private institutions and they are for a fee.  Another difference, I guess stemming for public universities being offered for free, is that it will not take anybody. The space is limited and a candidate needs to pass an entrance exam and depending on the major it might be between 2 to 50 and more people for one place. There is also not general education part. Once you are accepted, you focus only on the major. When I started my studies, all classes were conducted in German from the day one and if I didn’t understand something, well, that was my problem.

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