The ego’s drive to dominate has created conflicts based on race, religion, border’s recognition and anything that people can create differences about. The history of slavery and dominance, the racial segregation is as long as humans’ one itself. American society is now taking steps to heal the most recent racial segregation in its history. It is a long, tedious and difficult process. The children presented in the video are raised by only the second generation who is enjoying full civil rights. They have been raised by parents who still remember having to sit in the back of the bus or drinking from designed fountains only. The gates of opportunities for highly desirable careers opened only in the last decade. Having a president of other then Caucasian race, successful singers, actors honored by Oscars is the phenomenon of the 21st century that is only 12 years long. To change the legal rights is one achievement but to change social mentality is quite another. We hope to be heading in the right direction but here I have an example. As I am writing this passage, my daughter is watching pony series. There is a clash between “good” ponies and “bed” ponies. The “good” ponies are of colors like pink, blue, orange, yellow, green, purple- all in pastel, light shades. Do you want to guess the colors of “bed” ponies? Yes, I think you guessed it: grey and light brown and dark brown! Deeply imprinted believes will come to surface in the least expected settings.

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