The above is one of the best piece of advice I have come across! It might not be well suited for me since first: I don’t have my parents living here and paying my rent, second: I am way above 18 years of age. But for young people contemplating the next step after high school, this is advice worth considering. It does tackle on issue that is fundamental to American thinking: debt. Do you really need to get into debt? Will you be among believers that you can spend first and then pay back later? Not having much adult life experience in the power of money, reality of job market and the amount of bill imposed even for the basic standard of living (car, phone, Internet are much more necessity in today’s reality then luxury).

The issue of debt can’t be presented better then in the video above. I usually opt for making people be responsible for their decisions. After all, I am paying high price for my choices, too. But it is just heartbreaking to make young people pay for decision that they were made without proper knowledge.

Carol Carter is addressing an issue that has been on my mind when discussing college experience: adulthood. This is a challenging time of having adult privileges (if living away from home especially) without the biggest adult burden: bills that are still being paid by someone else most of the cases. To keep oneself on track, to be responsible is a huge challenge if you haven’t been taught that at home. People get drunk not on liquor most of the time but on freedom that they don’t know how to appreciate. 

And this video is a comment to the previous one. College problems seen from the 19 year old student’s perspective.

And here is another one from a girl’s point of perspective. It is a great proof that no, not everybody is suited for a college path.




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